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Financial News

  1. Trump accuses Pelosi of being 'controlled by the radical left,' hours before White House statement on shutdown  Fox News
  2. Trump expected to propose extending DACA, TPS protections in exchange for wall funding  CNN
  3. Pelosi rejects Trump shutdown deal before president announces it  The Guardian
  4. Trump's petty shutdown games show 'The Art of the Deal' author has no idea how to negotiate effectively  NBC News
  5. The Senate should host the State of the Union | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. Mueller disputes report claiming Trump directed Cohen to lie
  2. Mueller team disputes BuzzFeed report claiming Trump told Cohen to lie  Fox News
  3. Mueller's office disputes BuzzFeed report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress  CNN
  4. BuzzFeed’s Controversial Cohen Story Raises Question: Did Trump Want to Be President?  The New York Times
  5. The High Stakes of BuzzFeed’s Story on Trump Tower Moscow  The New Yorker
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  1. George W. Bush Calls For End To Shutdown With Pizza Delivery  HuffPost
  2. George W. Bush delivers pizza to Secret Service detail working through shutdown  Fox News
  3. George W. Bush plays pizza delivery man, makes rare political statement  ABC News
  4. George W. Bush Makes A Pizza Delivery During Shutdown  Fortune
  5. President George W. Bush delivers pizza to Secret Service detail amid government shutdown  USA TODAY
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  1. Watch Trump's attorney general pick William Barr tell senators that a president who encourages perjury is committing a crime  CNBC
  2. William Barr Needs Trump Just as Much as Trump Needs Him  New York Magazine
  3. Senate Democrats are asking Barr new questions after Cohen bombshell  ThinkProgress
  4. Releasing the Mueller report will require a delicate balance, and Barr gets that  The Washington Post
  5. Adam Schiff’s warning now looks even more worrisome  The Washington Post
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  1. Follow Margaret Hoover and Meghan McCain: Start asking real questions about Women's March anti-Semitism  Washington Examiner
  2. Women's March faces shutdown and anti-Semitism controversy in return to DC  Fox News
  3. US Women's March: Controversy around co-president | Al Jazeera English  Al Jazeera English
  4. Women's March 2019: Thousands of protesters rally amid controversy over anti-Semitism  ABC News
  5. The Women’s March has always been divisive. Here’s how we can fix that.  Washington Post
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