Every business has the challenge of growing its revenues and profits, as a means of survival among its competition. This simple business model applies to every type and size of business, in every industry, in every country in the world.

Management faces the challenge, by formulating business models for the success of the business, through sales and marketing programs that may increase its revenues and profits-IF they are successful.

However, success is never assured no matter how well planned are the forecasts and presentations. Just remember back to the NEW COKE rollout of a new and improved version of the popular soda. IT WAS A TOTAL DISASTER!

Management failures of grand business growth schemes are plenty and will continue, because the best laid plans are only “guesses” and opinions of the people developing them. Nobody can predict the outcome of a marketing plan, and can only wait to see if it works, after it is implemented.

Our firm as consultants and/or principals in business acquisitions, have learned a lot over the last 40 years of how to grow the revenues of a business,country no matter what industry or country.

Our principals have owned businesses of every size with the largest having over 12,500 employees and over 300 locations, to a large NYSE public company with revenues of over $160 million, acquired via tender offer. We have been involved in valuations of businesses, liquidations, proxy contest consulting, strategic planning for acquisitions and every type of related consulting a business may require-large or small.

Our principals proposed an acquisition of a large multi-national publicly traded company with revenues in excess of $100 billion, and structured its financing, but the target instead merged with a competitor instead.