This iconic company is in the opinion of this blogger, heading down a path of extinction due to the politically correct thinking and going along with the thinking that there will only be an all electric future for automobiles!

The CEO, Mary Barra, who will be able to retire with a retirement fund approaching $100 million, a current compensation package highest in the auto industry will then leave the hapless GM with a self imposed inability to manufacture cars that people will actually want or be able to afford.

Becoming chummy with the Biden administration supporting its NO ICE vehicle policy in the near future, will be a big mistake.

Can anyone other that delusional GM management, think that the people driving cars in the future USA will ever ONLY have electric cars? NEVER!!!!

Both Joe Biden and Mary Barra will be long dead as GM winds don to certain bankruptcy in the future…setting its goals on all EV’s, but neither of them will have any consequences of the demise of this fine company.

It is unrealistic to think that the cost and convenience of a 5 minute gas-up will be replaced with a long line and uncertain ways to recharge for 30 minutes or a hour or more makes any sense on a public way.

Imagine your EV plugged on a public street, attached to a cord in an urban setting. Will the local gang members or vandals steal the cord or the car?

How will all that electricity generation be possible for all those e-cars when now we have shortages????

The Internal combustion engine can be refitted to run on hydrogen and ammonia…the fuels of the future…(hydrogen is the most abundant gas in the universe).

I feel sorry for all those employees at GM, FORD and other car manufacturers who have taken the path to self destruction with only EV’s in their future….