Selling Your Business

We are prepared to provide you with an immediate indication of the value of your company, from a financial standpoint. Our response time typically requires 5 days after receipt of sufficient information with which to prepare a valuation for your consideration.

You may send this information directly to our home office or the office you are working with; it will then be assembled for our acquisition valuation committee, where it will be evaluated.

Since we are advisors in each transaction, there are no brokers or middlemen for you to deal with, nor commissions due to anyone - thus increasing your total sale consideration. However, if you have your business listed for sale already, we will fully cooperate with your agent, or assist your investment banker.


We have a great deal of experience in the trucking industry as a result of our principals ownership of one of the nation’s largest trucking enterprises with about $900 million in revenues and acquisitions of numerous other transportation businesses.

We can provide much needed marketing and consulting for any transportation company.

We are long time specialists in the trucking industry. We can be your one stop source for any consulting needs for trucking businesses:

  • Equipment appraisals
  • Financial Analysis
  • Receivable Collections
  • Turnaround Consulting or Reorganization Consulting
  • Creditor Negotiations
  • Creditor Committee Consulting
  • Excess Equipment Sales and Value Analysis
  • Business Sale Valuation Estimates (free)

We are your single source for any consulting work in the trucking industry

In order for us to provide you a valuation, it will be necessary for you to give us the following information.

  1. Two years of financial data - balance sheets, income statements and notes to financial's. If your statements do not contain detailed notes, please attach your own explanation of line items. In addition, please provide current updated information, in addition to the year-end data.
  2. Equipment list detailing make, model and basic specs of equipment.
  3. Listing of loans to be paid or assumed by the buyer, with principal and monthly payments broken down.
  4. Listing of real estate assets and approximate value, with mortgage loans detailed.
  5. Aging summary of accounts receivable and payable (not the actual customer list, just the aging summary).
  6. Statement describing the strength and adequacy of your remaining management team after you leave the company.

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