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Sterling Cooper, Inc., concentrate our activities on an old business idea founded by the Dutch East India Company - Merchant Banking; and advising on deals for our clients in acquisitions, advertising, web design, and public relations. We are your instant response team when you need a ready team for acquisition / divestiture consulting, advertising, marketing, or public relations. We can offer advice in all areas necessary to buy / sell a business, and provide all advertising and marketing with our exclusive "IMPACT 77" division, including internet marketing.

Business transactions today, require the ability to structure all elements with speed and precision, and we are very aggressive in both areas. Decisions can be made quickly and results are immediate.

Our principals are experienced corporate advisors and have been involved in over 3,700 buyouts, acquisitions, friendly and unfriendly takeovers, bids, appraisals, and financing consultation. Our principals have been personally involved in direct acquisitions of various companies, the largest of which had revenues of almost $900 million and others included a NYSE listed company acquired in a tender offer.

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