Business transactions today, require the ability to structure all elements with speed and precision, and we are very aggressive in both areas.  Decisions can be made quickly and we know how to help.


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Advertising / MARKETING

We are unique in that we act as your consultant .Traditional advertising agencies handle ad billings through them, collecting a fee directly from the ad placement sources. Often the rates for ad agency business are “marked up” to reflect the fees or discount.

You the customer is the loser. You pay more than you have to. Our services save your money; typically 50% or more every ad placement since we do negotiate the best rate with the media source you will be using, then you pay the discount, the best rate possible. Our fee is separately billed to you.

We specialize in advertising with “IMPACT” - the biggest bang for your ad dollars. We use Interesting, unforgettable and highly memorable advertising to bring you sales results. We are pioneers in the “comparison” ads, showing your product or service as compared to a well known competitor. Let us show you how you can increase your sales through “impact advertising”. There is no obligation and our analysis is at no cost.

What is "IMPACT" advertising and how is it better then usual advertising?

We believe that the purpose of advertising is to stimulate/increase revenues for the business who's benefit it is being arranged. This we use "Direct IMPACT" as our means of improving its results.

Our focus is to increase revenues and awareness of the business or product, not to win awards for catchy phases - but lack of product remembrance. What's the point to a catchy ad, if nobody remembers the product?

IMPACT advertising focuses on driving sales, low cost media penetration and publicity that may be able to generate at no direct cost, expensive name recognition.

With all the possibilities today; radio, television, internet, email, direct mail, celebrity representations, and special events we use them all to position your business or product for maximum advertising IMPACT.

We get your business "the biggest bang" for your advertising budget.

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