Business transactions today, require the ability to structure all elements with speed and precision, and we are very aggressive in both areas.  Decisions can be made quickly and we know how to help.

Below are quick descriptions to specific consulting criteria:

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We offer one of the strongest M & A consulting practices. Our principals started the LBO buyout frenzy relating to retail store chains with their purchase of a 100 year old, New York Stock Exchange listed, department store chain, and participated in some fashion in all major buyouts of the 80's through arbitrage, making a buyout offer, accumulating stock or putting a company into play.  We now concentrate on advisory services. We also work with all major investment banking firms and intermediaries to help you locate and acquire / sell any type of business quickly. For more on selling your business, click here.

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Sterling Cooper, Inc., Offers Consulting in The Following Services For Businesses In Need: